The conference is organized by thematic sessions:


SESSION I Frontiers in Digital Archaeology (Chairs: Dr S. Hermon, Prof. F. Niccolucci)

Keynote Lecture TBC


SESSION II SESAME and Synchrotron Research in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (Chairs: Dr K. O. Lorentz, Dr G. Paolucci)

Keynote Lecture: Dr Giorgio Paolucci: Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Research at SESAME Synchrotron


SESSION III Art Characterisation (Chairs: Dr N. Bakirtzis, Dr M. Menu)

Keynote Lecture TBC


SESSION IV Human Osteoarchaeology (Chairs: Dr E. Nikita, Prof. A. Soltysiak)

Keynote lecture: Prof. Arkadiusz Soltysiak: Textual sources: A headache and a godsend for Mediterranean and Oriental bioarchaeologists


SESSION V Crops Food Choices and Landscapes (Chairs: Dr E. Margaritis, Prof. M. Jones)

Keynote Lecture:  Prof. Martin Jones: Mobility and selection: some reflections upon domestication


SESSION VI Computation in Archaeology (Chairs: Dr G. Artopoulos, Prof. E. Paliou)

Keynote Lecture TBC


SESSION VII Archaeological Materials (Chairs: Prof. Th. Rehren, Prof. Kh. Al-Bashaireh)

Keynote lecture: Prof. Khaled Al-Bashaireh: Ancient marble trade and its provenance determination


Please see the preliminary program here